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"The Ritual" is a short 2D point & click adventure game done in a week for the Comodoro GameJam 2019. 

You'll play as Ben one of three demon's worshipers of a new cult that tried to brought one demon called the emissary to this world, but, something went wrong in the ritual And now we need to choose one of two ¿endings?.


In the future and always considering how much people like the game (so please comment). I will add these changes:

- A very simple animations of the characters.
- Sound effects (maybe voices, I don't know yet)
- More scenes or flashbacks (where I can explain some of the loose ends)
- And obviously more to the story!


- Fix some bugs on the endings and add a few things on the dialogs.


- Fix some more bugs in general.

- Improve some graphics and interactions

- Improve controls to bring a better experience


- Change the icon for something more accurate

- Add a description label where player can view the description of a hotspot or object

- Add more hotspot.


- Add a new puzzle.

- Add more inventory items to find.

- Fix some bugs related to the cursor.

- Fix some dialogs.


- Changed dialogs to simplify the storytelling.

- Fix some more bugs.

- Add a custom icon

- The game is now in beta!


- Fix some bugs related to the Ritual Stone hotspot.

- Remove a description from the bathroom door.


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Nice little game. Loved the atmosphere and the pixel art. Good story.

Thank you for playing!, Even though you played an old version of the game in the video, I hope you enjoyed it and invite you to play the most recent update (there are some small changes in the story, and new puzzles).

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Good game. I like the flashbacks and interesting story. I was a bit disappointed in the 2 endings; wish they could have had different outcomes. I still enjoyed playing.

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I'll take this into account, You're right about the outcomes. Thanks for the feedback.


There was actually a bug in the code (gamejams gives little time for testing), now is fixed. You missed the second ending. Please check it out!

Thanks for playing